LSF raises funds and support for sick children. When it is identified that a particular child is running into trouble because the family is too poor to pay for treatment, the child will be assessed by a social worker to be sure they truly cannot pay. Once this is verified, money will be released to buy whatever treatment is needed. Moreover some of the funds raised is used to purchase medical equipment for care of sick children.

LSF raises funds by appealing to individuals, corporate bodies, churches, mosques and other organizations both in Ghana and abroad to donate in cash and kind. LSF also does advocacy for the funding of health care for Ghanaian children.

You can help by making a donation to GCB Account No 6271130002810, Bantama Branch, IBAN/SWIFT CODE: GHCBGHAC

You could also become a regular donor by committing yourself to making regular contributions to LSF, which can be made at an interval of your own choice into our GCB Account.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR-CODE below to get our ECOBANK Account details.