Halidu has bbeen on admission for the past eighteen days battling respiratory failure due to pneumonia (sepsis) and extensive blood clot in one of his thigh’s major veins.

He has fought bravely with the help of your support through Little Steps Foundation, Herty and Nuhaila. He needs medication costing GHC 150 a day for the next 6 weeks.

Halidu is not completely out of danger as his doctors say though he is doing much better than the day of admission. Doctors fear that if he doesn’t get continuous supply of his of medication the sepsis clot will get worse and get dislodged into his lungs and kill him.

Sepsis kills more than 6 million people annual worldwide. it is caused by the body’s abnormal reaction to the presence of microbes in the body. It can lead to several complications including shock and blood clotting abnormalities. World Health Assembly recently passed a resolution that highlights the danger sepsis poses to people. http://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/WHA70/A70_R7-en.pdf

After spending about a week at the pediatric intensive care unit he is now recuperating on Ward B4 receiving multi disciplinary care.

In spite of help from our foundation and others he had a long way to go. But for these donors Halidu could have been dead by now. Fortunately he had recovered from coma and breathing without mechanical ventilator.

The family who didn’t have any hope of Halidu surviving send their sincere gratitude to our donors. They are also appealing for more assistance to help their loved one pull through.

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