Three months ago his story captured the whole Ghana and the world beyond. The story was first told to a mother whose child was fighting for his life on PICU. She actually saw everything at the Red Unit of KATH’s Accident and Emergency Department whilst discussing the prognosis of her son with a doctor friend. This mother did not hesitate but when called upon was among the first to support this boy’s medical care and followed up on his daily wellbeing till the painful to watch video went viral.

Peter’s immediate situation after the accident has been seen by several people. An accident that nearly cost his life should never have happened if adults involved were responsible.A 7 year old left to cross the street unsupervised. His desire and strong will to live is unquestionable though. He is the epitome of the resilience human spirit.

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Many people who saw Peter or heard his story were not hopeful. Even health workers were not sure he would make it.

Peter’s ordeal began when he was ran over by a moving vehicle sustaining crush injuries to his lower legs. Peter was transported under not so pleasant means to a nearby hospital where he received immediate first aid. He was then sent to the Red Unit of KATH’s Accident and Emergency Unit then to theater for the first of series of surgeries to save his life.

Peter eventually ended up with loss of both lower limbs. He has survived sepsis (infection). Most importantly his psyche is not broken. He is more resilient than anticipated considering what he has been through. Those caring for him look forward to seeing him on their shift. Peter has moved from a boy who had few words after the surgery to communicator-in-chief.

It’s no wonder that it took him less than a few minutes to get on top of manipulating his wheelchair around the unit. Coming out of bed after more than 72 days in bed and quickly being able to ride your way around brought tears to many including KATH’s Director of Nursing.

There is more physical rehabilitation needed to ensure that Peter will be able to do everything by himself. He hasn’t been a quitter. He is full of promise!

Credit goes to the multi-disciplinary team of health workers pulling together to ensure that this little man is given a chance to live his life out. From Bystander witnesses who rushed him to the first point of care to KATH, Emergency Medicine, trauma surgeon, theater staff, CDU nurses, paediatric surgeons, plastic surgeons and PICU staff.

His uniquely touching story stirred people all over the world with several people and organisations championing his cause raising funds in cash and kind to ensure that Peter is where he is now. Various radio and TV stations have been marvelous.

Peter is grateful to all donors who assisted in diverse ways to facilitate his recovery. Little Steps Foundation is proud of supporting Peter this far through facilities they have assisted KATH with. Our donors should not give up supporting the work at the Child Health Directorate of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

LSF salutes you all!

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