You have served well with all your ability.
You were the face of famous MBU.
Thousands of babies passed through your hands.
In your hands these babies found comfort in spite of how harsh the circumstances they were born into.

You were awarded the Best Neonatal Nurse of Africa by your shear hardwork and brought honor to Komfo ANOKYE teaching hospital., Best Worker, KATH was among your numerous awards.

Your colleagues recollect your dedication, fatgueless spirit.
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You believed in changed with quality. You embraced effective efficiency as part of progress in Child Health.
In your arms you carried patient care. You have supported Child Health Directorate transition to a thriving subspecialty center.

Your colleague nurses admire and respect you.

Your pace was fast with timely interventions for most situations. You stood for what was best for Child Health. You were described by Dr Gyikua Plange-Rhule today as “one in million”. There is no one qualified to say this about you than Gyiks with whom some tiny newborns as little as 500g survived our soon to be ex MBU.

It not surprising that you fully embraced Little Steps Foundation KATH as a member, executive and regular donor. All your birthdays were celebrated on MBU as far as we can remember. The epitome of how to care and love babies, the future of our kind.

Truly you were One In A Million.

Little Steps wish you AYEKOO, OBAATANPA!

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