Back to life


Once upon a time, there was a little girl, just an ordinary girl, who like all children in this mysterious world, was born with basic needs- to be kept safe, warm and healthy.
But in her own small Universe of Obuasi, things seemed to happen differently.

“She was very well, and playful. She just had a cough and I sent her to AGA hospital. When they told us she had to come to Komfo Anokye, I was very sad that day”, her mother narrated.

In the deep of the night, an ambulance, with all it’s gloomy insides, brought this kid, together with her inconsolable mother to Komfo Anokye – PEU.

“That night, the doctors told us they were not sure she could make it through the night. She was very sick. This place (PICU) was full, but they were doing their best”.

This sick child, mysteriously, fought through the night. Was this a good sign? Or just the beginning of worse to come?

She had to be sent to Main ICU to be placed on non-invasive respiratory support awaiting PICU bed space. After 3 days on the main ICU, she was brought in to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, where she was intubated and then gradually weaned off ventilation. She was transferred to the ward for further management.

But barely 5 days after the transfer, her condition worsened and she was rushed back to PICU, where she had to undergo another life changing procedure- a tracheostomy, which had a big toll on her parents.

“It’s not been easy. We have spent 35 days on readmission here, on life support machine. The money, the time, the trauma, seeing people come here, and lose their kids. It’s not been easy”

During her 35-day stay on the ICU, this little girl battled many things. From recurrent infections, to ICU psychosis and delirium, to depression. She fought through it all
-Frowning at all nurses and doctors who dared pass by her bed.
-Rejecting her feeds because she preferred to be fed through the NG tube 💔.
-Refusing to be touched by anyone because of the level of trauma she had been through.
-Oh and the regular suctioning of her tracheal tube, she hated it so much(she still does, LOL!)
We were not sure how it was going to end but held on to that glimmer of life and hope.

She’s just 1 year 8 months, but a day before going home, it felt she understood what was coming next. After a little sunshine exposure, she was all smiles. We had never seen such broad smiles during her stay. She made our hearts melt. She was so full of gratitude.

She is our very special and beautiful Aisha, and even though we’re happy she’s going home, we are really going to miss her. We know the family back home need you more that we do.

From her parents: – “To the world- it’s not easy. Pray you don’t come here, but if you do, just calm down and listen to the nurses and doctors and be friends

And to PICU, keep having the parties and little jokes to entertain parents. It had a very great impact on us. It made us smile and enjoyed your humanity in difficult circumstances”.

Story by Dr Emefa Anku
Post with parents permission

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